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Barry Aims for Promotion

Barry Ferguson spoke to the official website today, to give his extended thoughts following the announcement that he had signed a three-year deal to become the club’s new head coach.

He started by giving some of the background on the appointment:-

“I spoke to the chairman before I went on holiday and I got a good vibe about it. There were a lot of applicants for the job but the club were good about giving me time to think about it, as I had offers to keep playing in England or abroad.

“After a second meeting following my holiday I had made my decision, I just wanted to be here. I liked the fact that the Board were honest and straightforward; that’s the kind of guy I am so I think we’ll work well together.”

After being based in England for several years, a move back to Scotland was also attractive for the Lanarkshire man:-

“I’ve been travelling for the last five or six years, being away from home two or three nights a week and you miss out on a lot of things with the kids. So that was a factor for me, to be working from a location that allowed me to be based at home.

“It fitted in and the club also matched my ambitions in wanting to go forward and climb up the leagues again. I know it’s going to be hard but I’m focussed on doing that.”

Barry confirmed that a playing role was in his plans:-

“I’ll see how pre-season goes! I’ve got no injury worries now, I’m over an ankle problem so I’ll be doing the full pre-season and hopefully be playing. If I can go out onto the park and help the players it will benefit Clyde and be a good thing for everyone.”

In terms of objectives and his own ambitions, he was clear with his aims:-

“It’s simple, I want to get promotion. The club has been struggling for a number of years. I remember playing against Clyde when they were a well established club in the higher leagues, but over recent years it’s not been as good. Jim (Duffy) did a really good job last season getting into the play-offs and it’s my aim to go one step further.

“I’m going to give every ounce I’ve got to do that. I’m not looking at this as a part-time job, I’ve got no other commitments so I’ll be putting everything into trying to get Clyde back up the leagues.”

Barry was honest when asked about the transition needed for him to work in the League Two environment:-

“That was one of the things I discussed with the Board and I’m not going to kid anyone on, I don’t have a big knowledge on League Two, but my homework has already started on that. I’ve started to look into the different teams and what the players are like. I’ve got six or seven weeks before the season starts and that’s enough time for me to get information on what the league is all about.

“I know guys that have worked in the league and I know guys that have played in the league and I’ve already spoken to them. I know what I need to do.”

The 36-year-old revealed that he was looking forward to working with the squad and getting onto the training pitch:-

“That was one of the things I enjoyed when doing my coaching badges, I like working with players and if I can help our squad in any way I’ll do that. If I can get an extra 5% or 10% out of the players then Clyde will benefit. As I player I loved being coached and helped and I’ll certainly be doing that with the squad.

“The fact that we already have 17 players in place is one of the things I liked about the job. The team did well last season and they obviously know each other pretty well now. I’ll be looking to add maybe two or three players but there’s already a good base.

“It’s a young squad but we have a lot of good players. I’m here to try and help make them better. Clyde is also renowned for having a good youth policy and I want to try and get as many young boys coming through the system as I can.

“I’ve got an idea how I want us to play, but I also need to see the lads in a couple of bounce games first. I want to play attacking football, with wingers in the team and go out to win games.”

Although only just starting out in the role, Barry explained that he had a busy couple of days planned:-

“I’ve spoken to some of the players already and I’m meeting some more today for a chat and a cup of tea. I want to get to know them and I think it’s important we’re all going in the same direction. I want a right good team spirit and I’ve heard that we had that last year. It goes a long way.

“I know that there has been interest in some of our players but they want to stay at the club and that’s great for me and great for Clyde. One example is Scott Ferguson, he’s got a big future in the game and I love the fact that I can work with someone like that.”

Barry will be assisted by Malky Thomson and Bob Malcolm and he was clear on the reasons why he had made the two appointments:-

“In football, there’s not a lot of people you can trust 100%. The game has changed like that and it’s pretty sad. I completely trust Malky and Bob; if I have to go to a meeting or work with a player individually, I know that training will still go the way I want it to. That’s a big factor and they will also both work their backsides off for the club.

“Malky is hugely experienced and I’ve worked with him at a number of clubs, he brings a lot to the table. I played with Bob, we’ve done our coaching badges together and, like Malky, he thinks the same way I do. The three of us will give it everything – the amount of time Malky and Bob put in for me at Blackpool was frightening.

“If I’m out on the pitch and focussed on the game, I can trust them to make the right decisions and they want to play the same way I do. I think it will work really well and the boys will enjoy it.”

Barry concluded:-

“I want the club to be a happy place and the players to walk about with a smile on their face. Being honest, the boys aren’t doing it for the money and it shows me that they want to play football.

“If we can move up the leagues together, it will be a great journey.”