IRN-BRU Bus Broadwood Bound

This Saturday, the IRN-BRU bus will be visiting Clyde FC to support a PHENOMENAL new goal-scoring award, the Ginger Boot.

As sponsors of the Scottish Football League, IRN-BRU is excited to introduce this new contest. Each month, players across all three SFL leagues will compete to be the top goal scorer, in a bid to win a PHENOMENAL pair of Ginger Boots.

Visit the IRN-BRU bus after Saturday’s match for more information about the Ginger Boot. Come and test your skills with IRN-BRU’s ‘Back of the Net’ inflatable kicking game, and you can also pick up some IRN-BRU goodies.

Good luck to all the Clyde players, we may see a pair of IRN-BRU Ginger Boots in action at Broadwood very soon!

You can find more information about the Ginger Boot at