Single Structure Update

Clyde chairman Ian Letham contacted the official website to give update on the restructuring of the club…

“I was interested to read recent press reports discussing the possibility of Glasgow Rangers moving to a mutual structure, similar to the model that we ourselves are pursuing, and I felt it appropriate to update the fans on the progress being made at Clyde.

“The issue was raised at our most recent football club board meeting and a director was nominated to take this discussion forward to the Clyde Development Consortium.

“The CDC is a consortium of the Trust and individual investors in Clyde. Half of the directors of CDC are appointed by the Trust and half by the investors. So as a Board we are keen to engage with CDC to find consensus and move this idea forward.

“If agreement in principle is reached with CDC then a working group fully representative of all the boards and working within a tight timeframe will be formed to address any concerns and form the details of the model.

“The new model of ownership will then be presented to all supporters for comment before any final decision is made so that we can move forward together.

“I firmly back the proposed restructuring of our club. It streamlines the decision making process from three boards into one, it is therefore cost efficient, ensuring accountability by allowing all fans the opportunity to participate in the life of the club and enabling the club to enhance its links with the community.

“All of these are reasons for us to move to a single structure. The fact that many other clubs throughout the country are now considering this approach proves that the time is right to be at the forefront of this development in our game. The process is not complex nor should it be lengthy and I hope we can move forward quickly to ensure that we can build up our club once more but this time in a truly inclusive and sustainable way.”