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Gerry’s Leap of Faith

Clyde fans have been raising funds for the Back the Bully Wee campaign in a number of ways, but Gerry Dunn will literally take it to a new level in August.

He’s going to do a parachute jump, from a height of at least 2000 feet, and is hoping that Clyde fans will sponsor him.

You can do this online at a specially created page at the Online Shop. It’s been set at £20 – a penny a foot – but if that is too much then there’s also a £10 option and any contributions will be very gratefully received.

Gerry said, “When I was a director of the club a number of supporters suggested that it would be a good idea if I jumped out of a plane, so here I am finally getting round to it!”

If you can help with more sponsorship, or even if you would like to join Gerry in taking part, he’d be delighted to hear from you and can be contacted via the Clyde Office.

Click here to go to the donations page for further information.