Clyde United

Club chairman Ian Letham and manager John Brown spoke to the official website as Saturday’s crucial game with Dunfermline at Broadwood approached. The match is vital and both agreed that the fans had an important role to play. 

John Brown commented first, “I say simply take out any anger on me and leave the players alone. In our last home match there was a reaction to the substitution of Stuart Kettlewell. It is me who picks the team. Stuart hadn’t played for a month and I felt we needed his running in midfield, he was an easy victim and Stuart was gutted afterwards. What I would say is back the team and if you feel you have to shout at someone then have a go at me.

“The players hear everything. I don’t want them, with four home games to go, to have to run out of the tunnel each time we are at Broadwood and have to look over their shoulders and wonder who is going to be slaughtered next.

“To be fair the majority of our fans, especially the young ones with their singing, are especially good but at this time we all need to stick together.”

The chairman echoed the sentiments of his manager, “I appreciate that this is not easy time on and off the park at the moment. But all the players, as they work to retain our First Division status, need the fans to give them their full and positive backing. This is a time when we all need to work together.
“We are all passionate about our club, tempers can get flared and certainly in the heat of the moment we do things or say things that we regret. However, at all times and especially now we need to remember we will achieve nothing if we are not united and your role is crucial in backing the team against Dunfermline at the weekend.”