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Shirt Off Their Back Update

The “Shirt Off Their Back” scheme is once again running for the new season and there are still jerseys available for sponsorship.

All sponsors will feature on a special page in the Clyde View throughout the campaign and, of course, receive the signed top at the end of the season.

At the time of writing, the following shirts were taken or available:-

Mark Brown Margaret Sinclair & Robert McArthur   
Peter Cherrie    
Pat Clarke GW Paterson David Dishon 
Sean Connolly    
Stephen Connolly  
Scott Gemmill David Dishon  
Billy Gibson Orla Dalziel  
Chris Higgins Executive Club  Jean Dalziel
David Hutton Dean McKirdy Dominic Jack 
Stuart Kettlewell GW Paterson  
Charles McCole    
Marc McCusker John Woods  ScotCupWinnersx3
David McGowan    
Neil McGregor Sarah McGuire  
David McKay Castlemilk Branch   
Paul McKendry    
Willie McLaren Harry Paterson   
Roddy MacLennan David Dishon   
Ruari MacLennan Clyde FC School of Football  
Gary McSwegan Scott Taylor   
Jordan Murch ScotCupWinnersx3  
Michael Ohnesorge Colin Ball  
Alan Trouten GW Paterson  
Ricky Waddell ScotCupWinnersx3  
Marvyn Wilson Ian Letham  

Sponsorship costs just £125 per shirt. Please contact the Clyde Office if you wish to back a player.

All Website Members will be entered into a special prize draw to win the home shirt of Stephen Connolly, who is being sponsored by