Working Together

New Chairman Ian Letham met the press for the first time at Broadwood this afternoon. Alongside him were Colin Hendry and Commercial Manager Martin O’Neill, as two new sponsorship deals were also announced.

Ian was firm and frank as he gave his thoughts on various topics surrounding the club:-

“We receive criticism for working within a tight budget but we have to do this. However, we also need to do away with the “fire fighting” that has existed in recent times and make Clyde a professionally run organisation. This will take time as at present everyone involved with the running of the club, except one employee, has their own full-time job to contend with first and foremost.

“Clyde is run as a co-operative and the supporters own the club. It’s important people understand and remember that as it’s different to a lot of other clubs. We have to build on what we have and work together rather than being negative all the time. I think we have seen some positivity return to all areas of the club in recent weeks and I hope that continues.

“The club seems to go along nicely and then something will happen, like a manager leaving, and things start to fall down. We have been affected by managers leaving in recent years but we need to create a financial structure that gives us a framework we can continue working under if Colin or any other member of the playing staff decide to move onto bigger and better things.”

Ian also gave the media a bit of background on himself and commented on his rapid and unexpected rise from Saturday supporter to Clyde FC Chairman:-

“I only joined the Board at the end of last season and before that I just used to go along to the matches with my family. I’ve had to get to know a lot of people in a short space of time! I run my own business that employs 120 people and has a management structure – I hope to be able to bring some of that experience to the club.”

Martin O’Neill took the opportunity to announce two new sponsorship deals that he described as “significant”:-

“We’re delighted to welcome both organisations on board.

Imperial Commercials are a national company and we’re already talking to them about possible future developments. On the other hand Professional Office Supplies are a regional company but they’ve also made a strong and welcome commitment.

“These are the type of relationships that we want to continue developing under Ian’s leadership. If we can bring some stability to the club that will give the business community the confidence that we will do something productive with their money. There is a feeling within the community that people want to support Clyde.”

The Chairman concluded by leaving no doubt as to what his top priority was:-

“Any additional income like this that we can generate will go towards improving the team. At the end of the day that is what it is all about.

“Colin has done really well so far and it’s up to us as a Board to help him continue that.”