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Why Me?!

Confessions of an Edinburgh Clyde Supporter (17/2/2007: Dundee at Dens Park)

For this first time this season, this article truly will be one of confession! I am embarrassed and appalled to say; I, Mark Nimmo, was not at Dens on Saturday to witness our fine victory!

Now, I could make any number of excuses, but, to be honest, if I had really made the effort I could have been there. Alas, I didn’t. And I have now managed to convince myself that if I had been there we probably would have got beaten anyway!! So Clyde fans, feel free to thank me for my part in our victory!!

It’s a really strange experience not being at a game on Saturday. I am one of those people who tries everything to avoid checking the score every 14 seconds for the whole 90 minutes but then usually end up doing just that!! And then there is the whole issue of how to go about checking the score:

1st option is to listen to the radio. Not really one that I like to go for though. The radio stations are all so intent on covering the SPL that it is unlikely any reports of goals a Clyde game will come before half-time.

2nd option is to watch Soccer Saturday. Again, for some reason I just hate it! Goals against just pop up on the screen with no warning and no compassion. Do these people not understand that each time the ball hits Clyde’s net that a small part of me dies! How they be so cruel just to pop up a goal against and then start talking about Manchester United’s 5th goal in the first half!!

3rd option is to use Ceefax. In a way, I find this slightly easier. If I can just check it every 20 minutes or so then I probably won’t have to suffer the pain of real-time reports of goals. If I use Ceefax, there is nothing I can do about the score. It is not my fault!

4th, and final option, is to use the Internet. Maybe slightly better than Ceefax. A bit more up-to-date.

Seeing as I’m being truthful though; I will make another confession: If I’m not at a Clyde game, more often than not you will find me using all 4 of these choices!! I work on the basis that if we let in a goal whilst I’m on the Internet then I change to Sky Sports, after all, us armchair supporters have to try and do our bit for a bit of luck!!

Anyhow, Saturday was a stroll in the park anyway, it didn’t matter that I was using all 4 at once!!