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Search Goes On…

Joe Miller spoke to this afternoon and confirmed that his player search goes on: “We have a good squad but I am still looking at adding to it. I have players in all the time and I am always looking to enhance the team. A few players are in each week but I refuse to sign players just for the sake of it. Rather I’ve got guys to look at others and I look at players myself to see who can make a difference.

“For example in Brian Gilmour I think we have a wee gem here. He’s got guile and craft and Rangers’ loss is our gain. He is happy to do well here and will be an important player for us. Brian is an intelligent player he sees a pass where others don’t. He is not the sort of player who will run about daft for you but he is creative and provides a wee bit of luxury.”

Joe continued, “Saturday was an excellent team performance but one victory is not enough. All in all though I am glad to see what we have worked on come to fruition. Nobody knows what I say or what the boys work at through the week but be assured we work hard and it’s great to see them get their rewards.

“They are young boys, learning all the time and they will be the better for it. In Craig Bryson for example I felt he had been getting isolated, stifled even, so I changed it and he managed to get some more freedom and took his chances well.

“The reality is we are trying to be as positive as we can be and I can see the players responding to what they hear at training and one thing is crucial, our spirit remains strong. This is of course a learning curve for us all and as a coach you are learning all the time as well so it’s good when you see something put it into practice and it comes off.

“This Saturday is another hard test but the game against Gretna is one we are looking forward to as we strive to get our home record back on track.”