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Please Don’T Ring!

Arrangements for the Scottish Cup quarter final tie with Celtic begin this morning. An early morning call to Celtic regarding ticket prices has already taken place, arrangements to print the tickets are currently being confirmed and a provisionally arranged meeting with the Police, Stadium and UpFront Security is now set to take place at 10am this morning.

These initial arrangements mark the beginning of a hectic time for the Clyde F.C. Administration staff and through this website and the Mailing List we will endeavour to keep you up to date with developments, particulalry regarding the important matter of when tickets will go on sale.

At this most exciting time for all Clyde fans, it would be greatly appreciated if enquiries regarding the Cup could be kept to a bare minuimum as normal arrangements for County’s return to Broadwood on League business, and all the other normal day-to-day activities, has to continue.

Thank you.