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Reid All About The Saints Game

Manager Billy Reid was his usual candid self when he spoke to the website’s Cammy Macdonald and the rest of the assembeld press after Saturday’s match at McDiarmid. The Manager thought a number of decisions went against Clyde and felt the need to speak about them, but admitted that his team’s performance was somewhat disappointing. Here’s the text of what he had to say.

“We have played better. I felt in the first half it was fairly even, they missed a sitter and I felt Ian Harty had a chance as well. The first goal was going to be important and St. Johnston got the first goal.

“Young Craig Bryson got brought down and I think it could be inside the penalty box. Television may prove otherwise but I saw it that way. I think in the build up to the second goal our player played the ball off the boy and I it seemed to me that Willie Young (pictured) was thirty yards behind play. You saw the reaction of the three Clyde players when he gave a corner when it was a bye kick, the three of them turned round straight away when he gave the corner and disagreed with it. It’s very disappointing when you lose a goal from a corner kick that should be a bye kick.

“Without incurring the wrath of the referee supervisor I think Mr. Young is getting on and is a bit behind play at some times and maybe because he wasn’t in a decent position he didn’t see that. But you would need to ask him that.

“I think in the third goal, unless I am proved wrong, David Hannah went up and hit the ball with his hand.

“We are disappointed with these things but we have got to look at ourselves as well. We were slightly disappointed as I say, but when we went one nil down we went for it and played three at the back and three up front hoping to get something.

“Then at two-nil we went man-for-man so the 3-0 defeat doesn’t really disturb me. Some people might think it’s a doing but I don’t think it is, but I think all these decisions went against us as well.

“You should never like getting beaten or losing a game but at one nil what’s the point in being nice and solid and lose the game? So we decided to have a go by going three up front. But it doesn’t help when things like that go against you. It may sound like I’m a bad loser or bad sportsmanship but that’s the way I saw it and I don’t know if you guys saw the same but that’s what I saw anyway.

“I thought we started off today and the first twenty minutes were not too bad. But you know coming here that St. Johnston are a big big club and for us to come here and expect to roll them over, well that’s just not going to happen. But as I said losing the first goal was a killer for us.

“We have a lot of young kids here as you know but you will hear no complaints from me on that as I have said before I am happy with the players we have but we could maybe do with bringing in a couple more but that’s not to be, as financially we cannot afford to do that. So there is no point in moaning about it.

“We need to look after ourselves without worrying about the other two teams but obviously sometimes we do have a look up to see how they are getting on. But I have said before we are just trying to get as many points on the board as possible and come the turn of the year we will see where we are from there.