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A Statement From Billy Reid

Just before departing for Tannadice yesterday afternoon, Manager Billy Reid spoke to the website about the need for everyone at the Club to remain focussed and patient in the next couple of weeks.

“The last week has been a testing time for us. We lost our first games of the season to Airdrie United and Forfar Athletic.We felt against Forfar we let ourselves down badly by the level of that perfrmance and it culminated in the players being jeered off the park by our own supporters.

“As the Manager of this Club I feel the players have worked their socks off for me since the start of the season. They know they didn’t play well in the two games last week, but they were still trying their hardest to win both games. I can see why the fans were not happy but Clyde doesn’t have a divine right to beat any team.

“No group of players likes to be booed off the park by their own supporters and my players are no different. Some of the young ones felt really bad about getting booed and the senior players were very unhappy on their behalf.

“They were also not happy at the end of the Hamilton game, having won 1-0. They couldn’t understand why the Clyde fans were chanting Paddy Keogh’s name. Now I’m the first to recognise that Paddy Keogh has been a good servant to Clyde, he’s a personal friend of mine, but players like Bryn Halliwell and Simon Mensing have also been good servants to Clyde and they’re still with us. They deserve the cheers and chants.

“I can’t guarantee the team will play well every week but I can reassure the fans that all my players will be giving everything they’ve got in every game. And no one can ask for more than that.