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Clyde V Partick Thistle: More Post Match Quotes

The website’s Cammy Macdonald finds Partick Thistle co-manager Derek Whyte (pictured) making a number of complimentary comments about Clyde’s play, tactics and the general standard of play by both teams:

“It was a disappointing start to the season, but they took their chances. The first goal looked well offside to me but it’s done now and they’ve got the points. But I think overall we battered them and I don’t think Kenny had a save to make second half.

“They took their chances though and that’s how you get points so well done to them. Clyde changed their tactics at half time as they went from 4-3-3 to 4-4-2 and invited us on to them, which when you’re 2-0 up is maybe a good tactic. Overall we created more chances and dominated the second half, but well done to them as their game plan worked today.

“The sending off turned the game for us and it was only a case of mistaken identity. The ref. thought Andy Dowie was shouting at him but he was actually shouting at another player. When they had a guy sent off we thought it might have given us a wee chance.

“As a spectator or a neutral it must have been an excellent game to watch, 2 sendings off and I thought it was a great derby match with both teams well up for the game. There was some great tackles in the game which in itself is an art and it was a passionate affair which is what I expected and well done to Clyde as they took their chances.

“Its my first experience here and with goals, incidents and a good mixture I thought it was a great game of football and a great advert for the game in the first division apart from the result obviously.

New signing Darren Sheridan hailed the win:
“I felt they pressed us a bit in the last ten to fifteen minutes and we held on for the win and a good result.

“I didn’t really know it was a derby until a few of the lads told me but like all derbies it was fast and furious. It’s always good to win your derbies. It’s great to get the three points.

“I am signed on for a year here and will take anything I can get so I am happy with a year.

Comeback man and new captain John Potter (pictured) spoke about his aim to get fully match fit and his hopes for the season:
“It was great to play again after so long out and apart from my wee mistake I really enjoyed it. I thought we played well and defended well and hit them on the break and the new players did really well.

“This season I really hope to avoid injury and play as many games as I can. It will probably take four or five games to get my fitness back and be as sharp as I would like.

“In the pre season games we have played different formations and last week against Livingston I thought we played well and it was never a 3-0 game. And today apart from my mistake I thought we were tight and everybody played well.

“I feel absolutely shattered just now and will probably be a bit sore over the weekend but come Monday or Tuesday will see how I feel.

“We lost a full team over the summer and they were all good players. The guys who left helped us get to second place in the league two years running, when maybe we should have won it last year. But we have a new boss in Billy and he’s brought in some new players and we have a good atmosphere in the changing rooms.

“Young players like Greenhill and Bryson have came in pre season and done well so they have still to come in as well. We really have to take the season as it comes and see how it goes but you see today the three favourites have all lost so it looks like its going to be a tight league.

“Billy has asked me to be captain and its something I am looking forward to this season. I won’t be doing any part time modelling like Jack did but I will turn up at events and do what I can on and off the park..