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Statement By Directors

Last week the club sent letters, as required by the league, to a number of players whose contracts are due to expire at the end of May. These letters stated that Clyde would like to retain their services for the coming season and would like to discuss terms in the course of the following week.

The Club and its supporters are in the process of raising the finance to keep Clyde as competitive as possible for next season but at the time of last Monday’s board meeting, the directors did not have the all the funding packages in place to offer the players contracts as they had hoped and Alan Kernaghan informed the players of the position the following day.

With the benefit of hindsight things can always be handled better, but the letters were sent in good faith and the Club still wants to retain the players. However, we also respect the players’ rights to speak to other clubs meantime.

The directors’ first responsibility is to ensure that any commitments the Club enters into can be met in full. Once that has been achieved, the priority is to give Alan the funds to build the best possible squad for next season.

There have been some positive financial developments in the past few days and Alan may well be in a position to reopen contract discussions by the end of next week.