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High Cross Internet Poty (V Q.O.S.)

Pat Keogh had a comfortable victory in the Website Members’ Man of the Match vote following the Queen of the South match. Assistant Manager Billy Reid commented after the game that he felt Pat had produced his best performance of the season, and the Clyde support seem to agree.

The fans’ favourite gathered 49% of the total vote, well ahead of second place man Simon Mensing. Click here to see the results, or use the link on the homepage’s fixture box.

With just two games remaining, only 5 players in the overall table can win the Internet PotY award. Bryn Halliwell is still the favourite, and one more victory for the Englishman would confirm him the winner…

Internet Player of the Year Table

1st – Leigh Hinds and Bryn Halliwell (both 6 MotM awards)
2nd – John Fraser, Alan Kernaghan and Andy Millen (all 4 MotM awards)
3rd – David Hagen (3 MotM awards)
4th – Jack Ross, John Potter, Mark Gilhaney and Pat Keogh (all 2 MotM awards)
5th – Andy McClay, Stephen Cosgrove, Paul Shields, Mark McLaughlin, Stephen McConalogue and Simon Mensing (all 1 MotM awards)
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