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Development Announcement

Clyde Football Club would like to thank you, Clyde fans on the net, for your continued support of the new website over the last 6 months. With the completion of Phase 1 of the site’s development now past, it is time to think about Phase 2 and beyond.

Several meetings and lengthy discussion within the appropriate people have taken place regarding the best way to do this. The Club has decided that the only realistic possibility is to appeal to Clyde fans to make a one-off donation to make you a “website member” and enable development to continue. We were greatly encouraged by recent positive fans’ feedback, from various sources, on the idea. The price of the website has been well documented and it is just not feasible to meet these costs using any of the other suggested (and considered) methods.

Your minimum donation of £10 will allow work on Phase 2 to continue as soon as possible. Phase 2, as you may already know, concentrates on an online shop which will confidently raise enough funds to finance the rest of the website thereafter. We trust that you have enjoyed the use of the website to date, and are confident that you will appreciate the good value for money in the payment and the positive outcome which will be achieved. There will, of course, be several benefits to members.

Following a meeting with IRW Associates and an internal meeting within the Club this week, an initial plan has been agreed. The site will be almost full access to non-members, for obvious and practical reasons. To make the site heavily members only would only alienate new supporters looking for info about the Club, and also damage our image within the wider footballing community. The benefits for members have been carefully considered and are attractive without making the site restricted to others. At the first stage of planning, these include:-

– Acknowledgement letter
– A free gift
– Entry into a prize draw
– An exclusive password protected Username to allow access to features listed below
– 10% off purchases from the online shop
– Members’ Mailing List
– Members’ Message Board (can only be read and used by members, but a guest board will run alongside this to allow members and visitors to interact)
– Ability to vote in new Website Poll
– Ability to vote for Man of the Match (now online!) contributing to Internet Player of the Year
– And much more as the site develops…

As you can see, this set-up will allow non-members to learn more about Clyde from all the usual website areas (news, player profiles, guest message board, fixtures etc) but still gives Bully Wee diehards the chance to take website to an enjoyable next level. The hope is that once non-members become more interested in the Club they will commit to being a member to experience the extra benefits.

Commitments have also been made by everyone connected with the Club to ensure that the website will be the first place you can get info on all areas of Clyde FC. The site is very much at an early stage and has yet to even begin to show its full potential. With your help in launching Phase 2, it can go from strength to strength and be a real asset to the Club.

The Club is well aware that you do not need to make any donation and can continue using the site without the added member benefits, but we are confident that all Clyde’s committed fans on the net, at home and worldwide, will give their usual fantastic support to the project and enjoy a resultant website to be proud of.

You will be able to make your payment by week beginning December 8th, when the new shop will also be ready. The rest of the features will follow soon after. Keep checking the website for updates…