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Ak: &Quot;It’S Not All Me&Quot;

Many Clyde fans believe that Alan Kernaghan’s return to playing action has been the key reason for Clyde’s recent success – but he disagrees. Speaking on Saturday, after guiding his side to victory over Queen of the South, he was keen to stress his point:-

“3 out of 3 is a good record, but I’m not so stupid to think that it’s all myself. I have helped a bit at the back, but there are 22 of us playing a part.”

What all Bully Wee fans want to know is how long will he carry on playing? Saturday’s game doesn’t seem to have made his mind any clearer, although he did admit to feeling the strain:-

“I’m enjoying playing at the moment but how long it will continue I don’t know. Each week has felt a little bit harder, not so much playing the game but getting over it the following days.”

Despite this, Alan knows that simply pulling on a pair of boots every Saturday won’t work, and he doesn’t intend to try it:-

“I’ve still got to train though – I’m not good enough to be able to go through the week without doing anything and then come out and play on the Saturday. It would be unfair on the other players. At the moment it’s taking me until Thursday or Friday to get involved which is frustrating on my part because I enjoy taking part in the training.”
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