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I.C.T. 1 Clyde 1 – Alan Kernaghan’S Reaction

“I thought we were rubbish today. We defended well but our passing was poor, especially in the first half. When you’re a goal up with two minutes to go you think you’re going to go on and win it, so the dressing room wasn’t great after the game. We’re bitterly disappointed.”

“I could see their goal coming all game really. They had enough chances and enough pressure to force someone into a mistake at some point. We’re not good enough to sit and play for a draw so we can only play one way. John did well to get the goal but he had a good chance to get another one. It’s two points lost for us. At half time we would probably have taken the draw but the goal changes it all.”

“I said to the players at half time, ‘what was that?’ We work all week on passing, probably in the same conditions as here with the bobbly pitch but we were just poor today. Leigh was feeling dizzy, maybe he was dehydrated, but he looked tired so we took him off as a precaution. Stevie Convery does some daft things but his enthusiasm makes up for it a lot of the time. He does bring some impetus to a match.”