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Week of Football: Volunteers

Today’s focus in the SFA’s Week of Football is the role of the “Volunteer”, which gives both the Football Club Board and the Community Foundation Trustees the opportunity to offer their sincere thanks to all the volunteers who contributed, in various ways, to the running of the Club and Community Foundation during the past season. Many of those people are listed below and the efforts of everyone associated with The Bully Wee continues to be vital to its operations.

Community football clubs and their charities are an important part of many people’s lives. They provide opportunities for physical activity, social interaction, and personal development.

However, running a community football club/charity is not easy. It requires a lot of time, effort, and resources. That’s why volunteers are essential for the success of any community football club/charity.

Volunteers are people who give their time and skills for free to help a cause they care about. They can have different roles and responsibilities in a community football club/charity, such as coaching, refereeing, ball boy/girl, fundraising, organising events, or the task of co-ordinating all the various social media platforms.

Volunteers can also benefit from their involvement in a community football club. They can learn new skills, make new friends and improve their confidence. However, volunteering in a community football club also comes with some challenges. Volunteers must balance their volunteering commitments with their personal and professional lives.

Therefore, it is important for community football clubs/charity to create a positive and supportive environment for their volunteers. To achieve this end, both our organisations must strive to provide adequate training, feedback, and clear communication, involve where possible in the decision-making process, but most important of all, to create a culture of appreciation that values and respects our volunteers at all levels.

Our Volunteers


John Boyce (Live Stream Commentator), Jean Dalziel (Boardroom Hospitality), Dougie Dewar (Club Shop Co-ordinator), Ian Elliott (Kit Co-ordinator), Kirsteen Fowell (SLO), Jennifer Gray (Ball Kids Co-ordinator), Lewis Kenna (Assistant Kitman), Yvonne Le Brun (Disability Access Officer), Rev John MacKinnon (Club Chaplain/Live Stream Co-commentator), Dean McKirdy (SLO), Karen MacPherson (Boardroom Hospitality), Fin McKay (Match Announcer), Arthur Murray (Boardroom Hospitality), Graham Murray (Stadium Host), Jack Phillips (Club Shop), Hannah Shanks (Programme Seller), Lynne Shanks (Match Mascot Co-ordinator), Paul Shanks (BTB Mascot), Leanne Sweeney (Stadium Host), Adrian Stewart (Match Day Office), Allan Wilson (Stadium Host).

CST Lottery

Marion Armstrong, Terry Ashton, Robert Brownlie, John Glass, Jamie Hughes, Ian Johnston, Campbell McIntyre, Neil McKirdy, George Morrison, Jim Murphy, Maureen Nisbet, Steven Sallie, Eric Steel, Alan Stewart, Debbie Stewart.

Digital Media and Archive

Sean Hart, Dom Jack, Gordon Sydney, Andy Muir, Craig Black, Chris Roud, Finn McDermott, Matthew Muir.

Clyde View

Sean Hart, David Jack, Alan Maxwell, Ross McNulty, Matthew Muir, Paul Shanks, Gordon Sydney, David Worton.

CFC Community Foundation Coaches

Chris Arbuckle, Ian Baxter, Ian Clarkston, Paul Deery, David Dick, Simon Diggines, Liann Jane Diggines, Anthony Gibson, William Graham, Alistair Gray, Jennifer Gray, David Harris, Louis Kane, Stephen Kidd, Carolanne Lalley, Mark Leonard, Ben Letham, Steven Manclark, Ross McIllwraith, Joseph McKay, Jamie McNaught, Diane McNaughton, Steven Morton, Stephen O’Donoghue, Martin O’Donnell, Craig Parker, John Penman, Iain Pelper, Scott Robertson, Andrew Ross, Stewart Rust, Pauline Sands, Adrian Stewart, Robert Stewart, Derek Surgeon, Craig Walker, Derek Wilson.