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Consultation Draws To A Close

The Community Foundation’s public consultation relating to the bid for Crownpoint is now drawing to a close.

Over the course of the past weeks, we have been able to engage with a wide range of individuals and organisations representing the communities in close proximity to the complex. These have included sports clubs – including other football clubs at all levels, businesses, schools, politicians, charities, sports governing bodies and the general public. To all of those, we are grateful for their time and appreciate the views and ideas they have put forward.

Overwhelmingly, the response has been positive. Whilst everyone involved with the bid is conscious that change will generate some reservations and concerns, there is a sincere commitment to manage the site sensitively to the needs of long-established users and without detriment to the nearby residents.

The consultation process has demonstrated that there are a vast number of opportunities for the Community Foundation in this locality, and that there are many willing potential partners with whom we can work to achieve our goals. If the bid is ultimately successful, the conversations we have had with these potential partners may have been the early stages of a collaboration which could span generations to come, and the cornerstone of making this ambitious vision a reality.