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Board Structure Change

The club can announce a change to its boardroom structure, to take effect in the coming days.

Norrie Innes has intimated that he wishes to step down from the position of chairman, while continuing as a director of the club. In discussing his decision with the rest of the board, including at the most recent board meeting, Norrie expressed a need to realign more of his attention to his family and other business interests.

Norrie will continue to play a pivotal role within the club, with a focus on the completion and delivery of a range of projects in areas such as; developing new revenue opportunities, continuing to enhance the relationship with NLL and the impending project to upgrade the current pitch at Broadwood, managing the ongoing kit negotiations with MJM Sports and KAPPA and the continued development of facilities on the Broadwood campus.

The board unanimously agreed that David Dishon will fill the chair role. David has played a key part in the club’s operations as Finance Director over the last eleven years and he was delighted to accept the position. 

Norrie said:-

“I remain committed to contributing to the growth and success of Clyde in every way that I can. It has been a great privilege to be Chairman of the club for nearly two years, but this change is a necessary one for me personally, both in terms of my business and family life.

“I’ll be giving my complete support to David and the rest of the board, and the many other fantastic people associated with the club. That includes Danny, the staff and the players and I thank them for their commitment, positive purpose and togetherness.

“There are a number of key projects ongoing and my priority is now to ensure that they are fulfilled.”

David added:-

“I’m delighted and honoured to take up this great role as Chairman of this wonderful Football Club. Clyde has grown to be very special to me over the last 11 years. We’ve all been through some tough times but the Board, volunteers and supporters have stuck by the Club and I think we can all see that something exciting is happening now.

“I’d like to thank and acknowledge Norrie for all his incredible hard work and personal sacrifice over the past couple of seasons, building on the solid foundation left by previous chairmen. Norrie has created the conditions for success, both on and off the park, and I promise to work hard with him and everyone else to deliver that.

“We have a fantastic management team and I will continue to support to Danny and Allan, as well as extending my help to the rest of the Club and our Community Foundation.”