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Chairman Calls for Support

Clyde chairman Norrie Innes has urged supporters to back the club as much as they possibly can, as the 2018-19 Ladbrokes League 2 promotion race enters the crucial stage.

As well as ongoing schemes – such as the 200+ Fund – individual events are also taking place in the near future, including the 2019 Sports Dinner.

Norrie said:-

“I’d like to thank everyone for their continued and generous support of the Club, founded on a selfless love for Clyde FC. We saw another example of this on Saturday and I would like to acknowledge and personally thank the Glasgow Branch for their donation.

“In reference to my New Year message, in it I asked each and every Clyde supporter to ask themselves what else they can do to help grow their Club. The 200+ Fund hasn’t increased since the New Year statement and I would like us to boldly aim for 500 participants, by also targeting the local and wider community. Challenge yourself please to sell one and then feel great about it! Every small elemental contribution, no matter how small, could be the one that makes the difference!

“Increased crowds at Broadwood, for what is going to be a hugely exciting run-in, will also make a big difference; both financially and to give extra help to the team on the pitch. Please come along and encourage others to do the same, whether they have a previous Clyde connection or they are new to the experience.

“It’s your Club and your passion so please do what you can in the coming weeks. Thank you.”