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This Week’s School Guests

On Saturday the club will welcome two more schools to Broadwood as guests; Spittal Primary (pictured right) from Rutherglen and James Aiton Primary (pictured on homepage) from Cambuslang.

Both have teams participating in the Rutherglen and Cambuslang Friendship League, which is sponsored by Clyde, and also enjoy coaching input via the club’s School Outreach Programme. 

James Aiton is one of the smaller schools in the area, but punch above their weight in the league and are currently joint top. Spittal score maximum points for enthusiasm and participated in last season’s Glasgow Schools Football Festival, via a link with Robert Sweeney and the Southside School of Football. 

Both schools will be providing The Bully Wee with match mascots and a group from each will be on the pitch at half-time to enjoy an activity.

We hope they all enjoy their day and cheer on the team to another important victory.