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AGM Resolution 3

During the club’s Annual General Meeting last night, an administrative error in drafting resolution 3 rendered the vote in relation to the proposed ownership fee invalid. The board apologise for the error, where the continuation of the ownership fee at £30 was not appropriately detailed in the resolution.

In accordance with the articles of association, in the absence of a change being proposed by the board then the existing level remains unchanged.

A useful advisory vote was taken amongst the members in relation to the intended proposal of £30, and revised proposals from the floor of £35, £50 and £100. The outcome was not conclusive and no proposal obtained the support of a majority of those in attendance. What was clear was that there was a fairly strong indication that there was an appetite for an increased level of fee, but no general support for a level as high as £100.

Thanks go to all who attended, submitted proxies and took part in an otherwise constructive AGM. The donation of a bottle of whisky, which was raffled in aid of club funds on the night, along with further donations towards the budget development fund underlines the relevance of engaged owners in an inclusive model.

A broader consultation will take place with owners on the annual ownership fee and also on the wider challenge of how best owners and other supporters engage with the club around their annual spend. Details of this will be announced early next month.