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Club Statement: Supporter Conduct

Following the club stating its intention to ban a group of supporters who were ejected from the stadium at the friendly match with Dundee, a meeting has been held with six of those involved who wished to avoid an immediate ban. The others involved have made no attempt to engage with the club and accordingly will be refused access or removed from the stadium as appropriate. One member of the group saw no benefit in any meeting and bizarrely considered that the club were at fault. That individual will not be permitted to attend any home match at least for the current season.

The six who met with representatives of the club acknowledged their responsibility and apologised unreservedly for their behaviour. It was our intention to allow all six to return with any ban suspended, subject to appropriate behaviour being observed and also the taking part in some pre-match activities to obtain an understanding of the effort involved by the volunteer group operating the club that has to find additional time to deal with incidents such as this. Unfortunately, we have been advised that one member of the group was arrested during the League Cup match with Falkirk and as such the final decision has been deferred to obtain further details. Supporting Clyde on the road is as much a responsibility as supporting it at home.

Those who presented themselves to the club two weeks ago to offer their apologies will be invited to a meeting prior to the Queen’s Park match to discuss attendance at future matches. If it is found that any member of the group – who had asserted their intention to support the team positively only a week earlier – were indeed arrested and charged last week, then they will have their ban applied immediately after we receive formal confirmation.

We can only stress that supporters can make a positive difference at a match through vocal backing for the team, as evident at today’s victory over Berwick Rangers. Inappropriate language and behaviour directed at anyone does not support the team.