Jim Rues Missed Chances

Clyde manager Jim Duffy spoke to the media after today’s 1-1 draw with Elgin City at Broadwood, a match which he felt should have been a victory for The Bully Wee:-

“I think we dominated most of the game. We had so many crosses into the box, so many opportunities to score but we’ve made one mistake in the second half and been punished for it. I don’t think Jamie had a save to make in the second half.

“I was delighted with our performance but we just weren’t clinical enough. I thought in general play we did very well; there was good pace and energy about us and we created a number of chances against a good Elgin side. As I’ve said before, Elgin are one of the most positive sides in the league with a lot of good players.

“Their goal was just an error – a miscommunication between two players. You see it at every level of football. It was a split second lapse and we were punished for it.

“We played a very open side, with Stef and Stuart on the wings and young Daniel playing off Kevin Watt. We pretty much played a 4-2-4 and took a wee risk against a side that normally score a lot of goals.

“Iain (Gray) is away to hospital for a check, we didn’t want to take any chances. We hope he is ok. He got a blow on the side of the head, he was conscious after he came off but very dizzy and disorientated.

“We’ve been playing well recently, with the exception of the Queen’s Park match at Hampden. The attitude of the players is terrific. Of course there are mistakes, but they are working to get the ball back and chasing things. Fans always want commitment and I think they got that from the team today.

“Daniel (Fitzpatrick) has been with us for a while, we sent him out on loan to get him some game time and build up a bit confidence. Hopefully today will help him, 90 minutes is important. I thought he did very well. At the end of the game I wanted him to shoot rather than pass as he’s a tremendous striker of the ball, but in terms of general play he was excellent.”