AGM: “A Positive Meeting”

“It was a very positive meeting with a good range of questions and an equal measure of constructive challenges presented to the board.” That was the comment from Club Chairman John Alexander following Thursday’s AGM.

The meeting, held at Broadwood, focussed initially on the formal business of the club’s members approving the audited accounts, the co-option of newly installed directors Gary Ballantyne and David MacPherson and the re-election of directors John Alexander and David Dishon.

The evening concluded with members and directors debating a number of issues, including; football matters, Clyde’s future at Broadwood, the prices and the promotion of season tickets for the 2011/12 campaign as well as potential fundraising activities. 

Finance Director, David Dishon commented, “The strict budgets in the past two seasons have enabled us to slash our total debt to under £200k in today’s terms, a fantastic step forward to securing the Club’s future. We are on track to be debt-free by the end of the 2014-15 season, a landmark that is suddenly getting more realisable from the dark days of 2005 and 2009.

“For the past 2-3 seasons, we have set a budget that calculates all the expected income and known expenditure as a starting point and this gives us a small profit. That profit is allocated 100% to the football department for player wages and this is considerably smaller than previous seasons, but it means we can stay in existence, pay our bills as they fall due and continue without an overdraft and within our means.”

David spoke directly with and his complete interview – and further information on the other issues raised at the AGM – will be online in the coming days.