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Q&A With… Scott Gemmill

After a short break, the Official Website’s Grant Morton resumes his popular series by speaking to Scott Gemmill, the only Clyde player to have started every league match so far this season…

GM: How would you assess last week’s performance?
SG: I thought we played quite well, for eighty minutes anyway. Once the first goal went in we crumbled, which isn’t good enough. After that they went on to get two more.

How has training been this week, ahead of the derby?
Training has been good. We haven’t done anything different than usual, although we are all looking forward to the derby and focused on putting in a good performance.

How would you rate the team’s start to the season?
I think it could have been better. We started ok, but have had some poor results. Our home form definitely needs to improve and we need to be picking up more points.

How would you rate your personal start to the season?
My goal ratio could be better. I don’t think I have done too badly though. My work rate has been good but, like I say, I need to score more goals. Hopefully though they will come.

How is life at Clyde treating you?
I’m loving it! At Berwick I was only part-time and so it is great being at a full-time club again. It is a great bunch of boys here so I’m really enjoying myself.

How are you finding playing at a higher level?
It’s good. It’s a lot more physical in the First Division than the Second, and the football is of a much better standard. This league is much better than the second division, with a lot of quality players.

How much did you know about the club before you came here?
I started my career at St. Mirren and we played Clyde a few times. I actually knew a couple of the guys who used to be here. Craig Bryson used to live near me so I knew him a bit.

Why did your time at Berwick come to an end?
It was my decision to leave Berwick. They offered me a new contract but they weren’t willing to offer me expenses. I also wanted to get back into full-time football. I think it was time to move on and try something new.

How did your move to Clyde come about?
I had heard that John Brown had been looking at me towards the end of last season. When I left Berwick, I phoned about a few places and got a trial for a few weeks here. After that I was offered a contract.

Are there many similarities between Clyde and Berwick?
The two clubs have a completely different setup. It is a lot more organised here than at Berwick. There are coaches here for everything and everything is done for you, whereas at Berwick nothing was really done for you.

Are you looking forward to the derby game at the weekend?
Yes, thoroughly. These are the sort of big games that you look forward to at the start of the season and everyone wants to play in them. We have to look to get in amongst them on Saturday and go for a win.

How do you rate Partick?
I think they have been up and down, a bit like many teams in this league this season. Everyone can beat anyone in this league, and I have no doubt that we can go there and come back with three points. We need to put in a solid performance and concentrate for the whole ninety minutes.

What are your aims for the season?
I started the season just wanting to get a contract, so I don’t really have any aims as such. As a striker, I always look to score as many goals as possible.

Do you have any messages for the fans?
I hope they bring a good crowd for the game on Saturday. We will be trying hard to win and look to bring them a good performance and hopefully an away derby win.