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Contract Talks

Graham Roberts spoke to the website this afternoon following weekend reports that he was looking at signing three players in the summer, a centre half, midfielder and a striker. Graham commented, “We are looking at all positions if you stand still then you will only go backwards.”

“Despite doing well this season, we can’t take anything for granted and need to work as hard as ever. It looks like the budget will be the same as it was last season so we can’t afford to sit back and rest on our laurels. As ever we are working to a budget and if a player doesn’t want to sign for the money that is available then we will move on as we will not be held to ransom.”

Graham continued, “After all the trials will be on again though on a smaller scale to what went before and there will probably be around 800 players out of work in the summer.”

“So far I’ve offered contracts to two others in the present squad who are thinking things over and I’ve spoken to four lads: Romauld Bouadji, Gary Arbuckle, Andrew Dick and Roddy Hunter and explained to them that we would not be offering them contracts for next season.”

“It’s not the nicest part of your job but its part of management all the same. The lads have done well for us but we have to do what is right for the club and we wish them well in the future.”

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