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Miller Time!

Joe Miller spoke to the website this afternoon and gave an update on the latest team news, thoughts on the players’ form and his views on the weekend’s game with Airdrie United.

“We’ll need to wait ’til Saturday before we see how the players have responded to the defeat against St Johnstone. To be honest the guys have continued to look excellent in training, a joy to watch, in fact but they know they need to translate that on to the pitch on match days.”

“We need to get back to what we were doing at the start of the season ie playing with pace and passing it well,” Joe continued . “Two players have stood out for us; Neil McGregor and Stephen O’Donnell. They have been the most consistent and we need others to follow their example.”

Joe considered some of the reasons for the slump in form. “We’ve talked to the players and they need to take notice. They can’t raise their game to such a peak against a Champions League side like Rangers then dip to what we did last Saturday. That might be put down to inexperience but the players need to learn and we can’t keep losing games due to lack of thought, whether that is individual errors or as on Saturday a lack of patience and guile when we were two men up.”

Joe empathised with the fans. “Graham and I hear the frustrations of the supporters and can sense the disappointment when things don’t work out. We share those feelings especially as we work day in, day out with these guys and know what they can achieve. The players have set standards for themselves of excellent and enjoyable football and they need to match them on a regular basis.”

“Hopefully people are appreciating what Graham and I are trying to achieve and the club can receive the respect it deserves.” Joe added. “But we are not kidding ourselves, the season has had some highs already – the friendly against Manchester United and the cup game against Rangers – but ultimately we have achieved nothing. We want to be winning and get to the top of the table and that is what all are efforts are going towards.”

Latest Team News
Looking towards Saturday, Joe was confident that apart from long term absentee Romauld Bouadji they will have a full squad to choose from