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Doing It For The Kids!

Over twenty teams have signed up to be part of the “Clyde v Manchester United Festival”.

Clyde F.C. Soccer & Clyde F.C. Supporters’ Trust are jointly running a football festival before the Clyde v Manchester United Optical Express Challenge Cup game on Saturday 16 July from 9am to 1pm. The festival is open to teams at Under 11s, Under 10s and Under 9s and interest in the event has been great.

As well as a series of matches, the youngsters will also be able to test out their individual skills with a variety of competitions ranging from “Who has the hardest shot?” to “Who is the most accurate striker?”

It truly will be a great start to the day and one that demonstrates the growing interest in the Club within Cumbernauld during the run-up to the new season.

Full details of this event can be found on: