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Progress At Asda

ASDA Cumbernauld officially launched it’s new look superstore on Monday and present to help with official duties were Alan Kernaghan, Billy Reid, Club Captain Jack Ross and several other players.

As you can see from the two pictures displayed, a 2003/04 Clyde home replica strip currently sits proudly on display in the new George section of the store, in anticipation of the imminent arrival of many more strips which will go on sale to the local population at a bargain price.

Also to follow shortly in store is a permanent Clyde display (look out for pictures soon).

The Website caught up with Manager Colin Pearce on Monday, and he couldn’t be more enthusiastic about the link with The Bully Wee…

Firstly, you must be delighted with the new look store… – “I’m absolutely delighted with it. We have very loyal customers who have stayed incredibly loyal to us over the last 8 months despite the disruptions involved with expanding the store. It’s been worth it in the end though, and the amount of money invested in ASDA Cumbernauld is here for everybody to see now. We thought we’d bet a good response to the new departments opening, but it’s taken us all by surprise in terms of how good it’s been.”

How pleased are you to have secured the link with Clyde Football Club? – “It’s a link that will be very mutually beneficial. As a store, we like to be involved with the local community, and in terms of the local community Clyde is a sleeping giant. We feel that there are not enough people that realise that Clyde is their local club. There was 1000 at the last home game – to me that could be 4 or 5 times that amount when you consider the size of the town. A lot of people are still going through to Glasgow to watch their football, but Clyde are top of the league already and had a great season last year. I don’t think it’ll be long before more people go and watch a good quality side up at Broadwood.”

So you’ll be linking Clyde in with your community work? – “Yes. With Alan Kernaghan, a very famous football player, at the front of Clyde Football Club they are a team that can help the community. We’ll be doing our best to get them involved with fund-raising, local charities and also just giving our customers a bit of fun. I can see the mascot being here, the players being here and other little bits of what we call “retailtainment”.

How about the new Supporters’ Trust and Kids’ Club, could they be involved with ASDA in their own ways? – “Yes, massively. We rely on families. We have 100,000 customers a week here and many of them are children. I think there are a lot of parents who would love to see their kids involved in a local club and that’s where I can think we can help forge a relationship.”

When will the Clyde strips go on sale? – “It has been approved and Clyde are very keen to get them in. As a business, we have signed off the fact that the strips will be on sale, and I would say that we are about two weeks away from selling them but we will confirm the dates soon. Usually it takes one or two months to get new stock into the store but we are trying to rush this through as quickly as possible. Watch this space!”

Vice-Chairman Gerry Dunn was also at the launch on Monday, and added:-

“I think it’s a great opportunity for us and it’s something that will work well for both ASDA and the club. I don’t think it’s just about selling strips; we can use this link to build our core support in Cumbernauld and the surrounding area. Our priority is increasing the crowds at Broadwood and Colin is extremely confident he can help do this. In the few meetings we’ve had with him we’ve discussed a number of ideas that we can try together. It’s highly encouraging.”

As always, look out for more updates on what’s going on at ASDA very soon.