Homesbook Factoring McGouldrick's Pool and Sports Bar

Your View Counts – Results

Firstly, the club would like to express it’s thanks to our supporters for their assistance in completing the survey, and a big thanks to Graham Forrest for his support via the club website.

The results will be used to formulate a business plan to address the issues raised, and improve the service the club provides to our supporters.

There were 240 completed forms; 166 from season ticket holders, 74 from non season ticket holders.

Of those surveyed, several have clocked up over fifty years of service, one achieving sixty five years, a record? At the other end of the scale, a welcome to the fan of three weeks.

74% of supporters come by car and from Glasgow (26%), Cumbernauld (17%), and a variety of places including, East Kilbride, Rutherglen, Kirkintilloch, Castlemilk and Lothian, but there are also supporters who travel from as far a field as the Outer Hebrides, England, Northern Ireland, Angus and Tayside.

With regard to providing shuttle buses, there were only 45 who said they’d use the service from Cumbernauld centre, and 68 who’d use the service from Croy. Discussion on the feasibility of this service will take place with the potential bus operator. Encouragingly 75% of you were aware of the current supporters bus routes.

The information on the time you arrive for a home match will provide important information on our pre-match entertainment offer. The early birds amongst you turn up at 1.30p.m. whilst 10% of you choose to arrive ten minutes either side of kick off. 64% of you indicated that if the club provided a pre-match offer, you would turn up earlier.

The social club issue is one, which will be investigated further as only 13% surveyed said they’d never use the facility, 27% saying they’d use it regularly, and 60% saying they’d use it occasionally. In general your comments expressed a belief that this facility would give the club a focus for building roots at the stadium.

The mascot was overwhelmingly something that you felt would increase the attraction of the club to younger supporters, with 80% positive on its development.

84% wanted the team to have a recognised anthem with the majority opting for the Song of the Clyde. On the subject of providing a bookmaking facility it was pretty much split with 45% for and 55% against. The prize draw question was much more clear-cut with 70% saying they’d support a draw as an additional finance builder.

95% were in favour of free entry to under 12’s although some added that a £1 charge would give perceived value, and encouragingly one in three said they’d bring an under 12 along if charges were reduced.

The name issue can finally be put to bed with only 11 of the 240 surveyed indicating a preference to change, and on financial stability 82% wanted the club to work within it’s budgets to achieve ongoing security.

Many fans added messages highlighting issues that they see as important for the development of the club, and these will be discussed with the board.