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Your View Counts

When David Mackinnon began the job of Commercial Director at Clyde, one of the first things he promised was a questionnaire for fans to air their views and help him make The Club grow. From today onwards on the website, and at Broadwood on Saturday, you can now answer his questions.

“From transport links to pre-match entertainment and facilities, this questionnaire covers areas which, with your assistance, will give Clyde F.C. a template for the future in delivering a commercial offer for the fans of Clyde Football Club,” David explained.

The Daily Record, The Sunday Mail, The Evening Times and the BBC are examples of media that have taken an interest in the final results. We hope you’ll take the short amount of time required to answer the questions, online or at the Inverness game, and help Clyde in the future.

Here are the questions, all you need to do is click on the link below and send the answers in list form to David’s e-mail address. (Your e-mail address will not be used unless you specifically request this in question 21)

1. Are you a season ticket holder?

2. If you answered no to the above question, why not?

3. How long have you been a Clyde supporter?

4. Generally how do you travel to home games? a) Car. b) By service bus. c) By train. d) By supporters bus. e) By taxi. f) On foot.

5. In which town or city do you live?

6. Would you pay a £1 for a shuttle bus from Croy train station to Broadwood?

7. Would you pay a £1 for a shuttle bus from Cumbernauld bus station to Broadwood?

8. Are you aware of supporter’s buses routes from East Kilbride and Glasgow City centre?

9. Generally what time do you arrive at Broadwood for a 3.00pm Kick off?

10. If the club provided TV’s and pre match entertainment would you come earlier?

11. If the club provided a social club at Broadwood would you use it? (a) Regularly (b) occasionally (c) never

12. Do you think the club should have a character mascot?

13. Should the club have an anthem? If yes what?

14. Would you want a bookmaking facility at Broadwood?

15. Would you support an additional half-time prize draw?

16. Are you? a) Under 18. b) Under 30. c) Under 40. d) 40-65. e) Pensioner.

17. Do you think under 12’s should be admitted free with a full paying adult?

18. If this were implemented would you bring your son / daughter / grandson / granddaughter?

19. Should the club change its name from to reflect its location, i.e. Cumbernauld or Lanarkshire Clyde?

20. Three years from now would you wish Clyde to be: (a) Solvent First Division side (b) Premier side with debt

21. Do you have any other comments about off-field issues that you’d like to raise? You can leave contact details for a personal response if you wish.

(or e-mail

Clyde F.C. thanks you for contributing. The results will be published at our next home game (Queen of the South, October 12th), and on the website at that time.

If you would like to help distribute the questionnaire on Saturday, and collect results, please contact David by e-mailing him below. You should leave contact details so he can get in touch before Saturday.

Yes, I would like to help.