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Club Statement: League 2 Clubs Proposal

Mon, 27th Apr 2020 8:47pm

The club has not had any official update of the workings of the reconstruction group, but recognises that there is a lot of speculation about possible outcomes.

However, as a club we are disappointed at the current position apparently taken by a collective of League 2 only clubs on a proposal for three leagues of 14 clubs and we would hope this is not their final position.

It is an approach that fails to meet the founding principle of the reconstruction group; that is that no club should be in a worse financial or sporting position due to the effects of Covid-19. At least four SPFL clubs are affected negatively by this choice and we should not forget clubs in the Highland and Lowland Leagues.

It makes no sense to go through reconstruction that is aimed at protecting clubs from relegation from the Premiership and Championship and at the same time consign four clubs in League 1 to that same fate.

At a time when there is no on field action, the reconstruction group has an opportunity to address some of the bigger questions facing the game in Scotland, including not only the composition of SPFL, but also addressing the pyramid structure, which we strongly believe requires review.

We continue to await the outcome of the reconstruction group deliberations and will comment further when they formally report back to the clubs.