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Free Cycle Celebration Event

As the funding for the Carbon Clyde Project draws to a close, the team, headed by Project Manager Karen Welsh, are putting on an event on Sunday 5th March at Broadwood Stadium (12-2pm).

This event is free to the community of Cumbernauld or anyone who wants to come along and get on their bike. 

There will be many activities going on during the two hours and Karen will be joined by Phil from Recyke-a-bike and Paul from Cumbernauld Living Landscape.

Karen said, “We are excited about this event as there are many activities to get involved with on the day. It’s our aim to encourage more people onto their bikes and by holding the event we will give them the opportunity to try bikes of various styles, take part in a cycle treasure hunt which will cover three different levels while allowing you the chance to enjoy some of the countryside around Broadwood and further afield.

“Phil and Paul have been working alongside me as we set down the plans for this event and we are also lucky to have the participants from our #YEL (Youth Engagement League) funded by the SPFL Trust. The #YEL teams are part of our planning committee and will also help with the promotion of our event. I’m delighted that NL Leisure are also working with us to bring you a spectacular event and there might even be a few VIPs attending.

“l have also spoken to a friend of mine, Hannah Dines who competed in the Rio Paralympics in 2016. Hannah is looking forward to joining us on the 5th March bring her training trike so she can join one of the treasure hunts prepared by Phil at Recyke-a-bike. This event will not only encourage us all to get on our bikes but if we continue to cycle it also helps our health and well-being by getting outdoors but also helps to reduce our carbon footprint.”

Come along and join the fun on Sunday 5th March, at the far side of Broadwood Stadium overlooking the BMX track.