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Barry Wants Blood, Sweat and Tears

Barry Ferguson spoke to the official website today, following a massively disappointing Ladbrokes League 2 result at Berwick Rangers on Saturday.

The Clyde manager started by giving an open account of how he was feeling following the match:-

“I felt hugely disappointed and let down. We never looked like winning the game and that astonished me. You could say that we started the match ok but that’s nowhere near enough, a game lasts 90 minutes.

“I’m not being disrespectful to Berwick when I say that we should have had enough to take care of the match, given what was at stake and the quality that we have in the squad. I never take any match lightly though and we prepared as well as we could have, including leaving early and having lunch as a group.

“The players knew that it wasn’t good enough after the match. They’ve let themselves down badly in the last couple of weeks and it’s time for everyone to have a look in the mirror, including myself. I could maybe accept Arbroath as it came after a hard run of matches and these things can happen in football, but there is no excuse I can make about the last two games.

“However it’s in the past now and it’s time to look forward again.”

Looking ahead to Saturday and the visit of champions-elect East Fife to Broadwood, Barry was equally clear with his thoughts:-

“I now need to see character from every player and they need to show me and the fans that they still deserve to be part of this club. That’s got to start on Saturday; we are nowhere near guaranteed a play-off slot now. I want blood, sweat and tears from the first whistle and I want them to run until they drop.

“They owe themselves a performance as much as me and the supporters.

“We’ll see how much they want it because East Fife can win a title on Saturday and I don’t want that to happen. We have made it easier for them and we can’t get away from that, but I will never write it off until it’s impossible for us to catch them.

“I want a major response and I know it’s in the players and that they have the quality to do it if they want it enough.”

Barry concluded by stressing what he was looking for from his team:-

“We are trying to build something at the club and we need the right sort of mentality within the squad to do that. I still think that I have that at the moment but I have to see it on Saturday, it’s as simple as that.”