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Club Statement: Supporter Behaviour

The season has seen us have three away matches in quick succession. Following each of these matches we have received a number of complaints from Clyde supporters regarding foul and abusive language from fellow traveling supporters.

A passionate support home and away is appreciated by the team, but it is essential that poor behaviour does not alienate our own supporters. When our own supporters are increasingly lodging complaints and indicating that the behaviour of a minority mean that they feel unable to continue attending matches then the behaviour of that minority causes direct damage to the club. 

It is particularly concerning that when fellow Clyde supporters are asking others to modify their language that they are finding themselves on the end of abuse. This cannot continue. We have instructed stewards at Broadwood to help manage this situation, but to date we have had no control of this at away matches.

However, based on recent events, we are in the process of making all League 2 clubs aware of the behaviour reported at Livingston and Stirling. We have informed clubs that they will receive the full backing of Clyde FC in ejecting Clyde fans from their grounds, should they witness unacceptable behaviour from the minority within our travelling support.

Supporters need to avoid damaging the club by their behaviour in and around grounds, home and away. There is no room for relentless swearing or the abuse of other supporters. Please support the club and enjoy the games, if you are in that minority that has resulted in these complaints then please give consideration to other supporters and don’t risk being ejected from away grounds in future matches.