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Backing for EK Proposal

The club has been pleased to receive wide support from individuals with respect to the potential move to East Kilbride, which will be voted on by club owners at an EGM on Saturday.

Former Clyde favourite Jack Ross, currently assistant manager at Dumbarton and PFA Scotland chairman, took the time to give his opinion on the proposal:-

“As a club, Clyde offered me a fantastic opportunity as a professional and therefore I have continuing great affection for The Bully Wee.

“The move offers the club a return closer to its roots and traditional fan base. Ultimately, it can offer a potential route back to where Clyde should be within Scottish football.

“I would love the club to maintain its current name but a slight change may be a small price to pay for long term stability and success.”

Aberdeen director Craig Brown, a former manager of the club, said:

“I’m delighted to give my backing to Clyde’s move to East Kilbride. I believe it should have happened all those years ago when it was first suggested and I regret that it didn’t.

“I am certain that it would be excellent for Clyde FC so the proposals have my full support.”

Chris Thomson, Chair of Enterprise Services of South Lanarkshire Council added: “South Lanarkshire Council are happy to support Clyde Football Club’s return to South Lanarkshire in any way they can. There is goodwill from all involved towards the Club.”