Club Statement

The Board is naturally disappointed with our current league position.

Despite our disappointment and regardless of our history, we recognise that we don’t have a right to beat any team nor do we feel it appropriate to abandon our new coaching structure and return to square one of having a revolving door for coaches and players. That revolving door has damaged the credibility of the club.

That said, following successive relegations and a poor start to the season, credibility requires to be re-established on the pitch.  

A strength of our new coaching structure is its ability to be responsive to events whilst minimising the risk of losing skills and experience or threatening the plan for stability, which is essential for the club to grow once more.

With that in mind, as an interim measure the Board has agreed for the Director of Football to take a more active role in first team affairs, working with Head Coach Stuart Millar and First Team Coach Gordon Wylde. This new arrangement will be reviewed on an ongoing basis, with all at the club united in their resolve to improve results on the pitch.

Your continued positive backing is an essential element of this and we trust that you will give the team your strong support home and away.