Fans First in Fixture Talks

Following a number of postponements during what has been a very harsh winter to date, the club now has a backlog of fixtures to fulfill before the end of the season.

Currently, the games to be rescheduled are:-

Peterhead (away)
Dumbarton (home)
Cowdenbeath (away)
Alloa (home)
East Fife (away)

A schedule of rearranged dates for March/April is expected to arrive from the Scottish Football League soon, with news to follow on the official website as soon as it arrives.

An attempt to play a match before that time can happen if both clubs involved agree but, as John McCormack explained, it’s an option that Clyde have decided against taking up:-

“I just feel we need to wait until the better weather is here. If we had agreed to play East Fife last Tuesday the game would have been postponed again.

“This season I heard a chairman from another club say that the game wasn’t about supporters – well as far as I’m concerned it is. We need to appreciate the fans’ position in all of this. I don’t care if it is only 100 or so travelling during the week, their circumstances are still important and should be considered.

“I wasn’t going to volunteer the club to take on three away games in a row at this time. In March, maybe we will have no choice but that is another matter and for now we need to think of the cost for the fans when games are still very much at risk.

“We need to be in this together as the supporters have an important role to play as we work to climb up the league.”