Lottery Goes Online

The Clyde Supporters’ Trust has launched an exciting new venture today – instant Clyde FC Lottery plays online!

A special page has been created on the club’s official website, allowing you to easily pick your numbers, enter your details and pay via the range of options that RBS Worldpay offers.

The new way to play even offers you the option of a ‘lucky dip’.

You can simply enter one ticket for the next draw, or if you are a regular player you can buy a block in advance to ensure you don’t miss a week.

Trust treasurer, Gordon Nisbet said, “We are pleased to announce this venture, as the Lottery celebrates its sixth birthday. The Trust see this new method of play as a natural progression and will be an ideal supplement to the traditional methods.

“The move to introduce this opportunity to play online has been in the planning pipeline for nearly a year, but following rigorous testing we are now satisfied we are in a position to roll it out live.

“This will clearly give fans an opportunity to play should they miss their agent, are unable to travel to an away game or, more obviously, during the close season. It also gives the Trust the fantastic chance to broaden our horizons given that the web boundaries are endless.”

Click here to go to the play page now!

For further information on the Lottery, visit the Supporters’ Trust website.