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Welcome To The Gist Family Section

Tomorrow evening’s match with Motherwell sees the opening of the Gist Family Section, a part of the Main Stand set aside for the growing number of Clyde-supporting families which will include seats 144 to 196 in all rows.

“The establishment of the Family Section is at the heart of Clyde’s efforts to increase the number of families who come to Broadwood on a regular basis.” explained Director of Operations Bob McPherson. “Thanks to the generous support of Gist, a year-long ambition has become a reality.”

“The Gist Family Section will total 1.027 seats, roughly one third of the Main Stand,” continued Bob, “and it is hoped that the special atmosphere generated in this part of the Main Stand will encourage parents, children, aunts, uncles and grandparents to come back to Broadwood again and again.”

The advent of the Gist Family Section provides Clyde supporters with exclusive use of the Main Stand throughout the coming season. “This means,” continued Bob McPherson, “that thanks to the support of Gist, visiting supporters, no matter how few in number, will be accommodated in the West Stand. We can’t have a Family Section which is open one week and unavailable the next. All six turnstiles in the Main Stand will normally be in operation, with a minimum of four being used in the West Stand.”

“We are very keen to ensure that the Gist Family Section is a huge success and we will be asking all those who use it to act in a manner which is appropriate when in the presence of young children; young supporters who will hopefully continue to support Clyde in the years to come. I am sure all Clyde supporters will give this new facility their full support.”