Reid All About The Falkirk Match

Billy Reid spoke to the website’s Cammy Macdonald immediately after the falkirk match.

“Up to the first goal I honestly thought it was quite even. Falkirk have good experienced players but I thought we matched them early doors and was obviously disappointed in the two goals we lost. They could have been avoided and its goals like we have not lost all season coming from set pieces.

” Bryn Halliwell has been fantastic for us all season and he will be disappointed at the first goal, and rightly so, but I thought my players dug in and in terms of effort I don’t think I can get any more out them.

“I thought they were fantastic today and their effort and determination when they went to ten men got us slightly back into the game. Falkirk were going to have chances late on, but no complaints and all praise to my players as I thought they battled away.

“I have been saying for weeks that Craig Bryson has a big future in the game and today you saw the amount of ground he covered, the amount of work he put in and against experienced players he did not look out of place. When you go a man down and two goals he still keeps battling away and fighting his corner and all credit to him. But not just him, as I thought they all did that.

“I actually thought that today was the best we have played for weeks in terms of passing the ball and keeping possession and I thought we played pretty well at times without really creating too much. Ian Harty had a good chance which Alan Ferguson blocked with his foot and had that gone in then its game on as I don’t think Falkirk were too convincing at that stage.

“I didn’t see the second yellow card Darren got but the players say they squared up to each other. But he says that he went up but made no motion to him and they really just went up and kind of looked at one another. But I cannot comment on referees after last week but everyone who was at the game will see the amount of yellow cards dished out but I don’t think it was too dirty a game. I am sure Mr. McCurry can answer them.

“There is no way this squad of players I have is going to give up. They keep on battling away.

“Everyone knows that Falkirk have the best squad of players in the league and they have now got a nine-point lead. I have said before that whoever finishes above them will win the league. St. Mirren have lost today but as I have said all along we are just trying to get points on the board and we will see where we go from there.

“Every game is big and especially a derby game against Partick Thistle and our supporters want us to win that. But we have problems of our own with Scott Wilson and Darren Sheridan out and when you are carrying sixteen players of a squad it gives you a headache and I might need to get the boots on myself!”