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TicketCo Wallet App Guide

Thu, 29th Jul 2021 11:04pm

Here is a guide to using your new Digital Season Card for paying entry to matches or purchasing merchandise.

Ticket Wallet App

Download the TicketCo Wallet App from the Play Store or Apple Store.

Sign in to the app using only your mobile number following the simple on screen instructions.

Make sure the app you download is called TicketCo Wallet. If you are asked for a username and password then you have downloaded the wrong app.

Using the app

Once downloaded, your app screen will look like this:

To use your app, simple press USE and your unique QR code will be displayed as below.

Your QR code will be scanned and your balance deducted.

Checking your balance

Press Cashless to view your remaining balance.

All Season Cards purchased on the online shop up until 5pm on 29th July should now be showing a balance. If you check this and cannot see any balance, please email [email protected] stating your mobile number and email address. GoCardless purchases may have a delay being loaded but will be added to your TicketCo Wallet by 5pm Friday.

Topping Up

You can spend your balance on match entry, club merchandise, programmes and other events through the season; so there’s a good chance you’ll need to add funds to your card to continue to benefit from the discounts. Top ups will become available in the TicketCo Wallet app and via the online ticket store later in the season. There is no limit to how much you can top up your season card, but remember that funds not spent will expire at the end of the season.

Sharing your Season Card

Your Season Card can only be linked to one app but if you want to share it with friends or family then you only need to send them the PDF email ticket you received from TicketCo. They can then scan the QR code to purchase entry or merchandise with your balance. Keep in mind that they have access to spend the balance in the same way you do so only share your QR code with someone you trust. The club can't be responsible for any unauthorized use.

Non app users

Supporters who have requested a physical card can collect this at the gate on Saturday. Your physical card will have a QR code you scan to gain entry or make a purchase. Physical cards can only be topped up or have balances checked by visiting the club shop in person so we recommend switching to the Ticket Wallet app if at all possible. If you haven’t told us that you need a physical card please email [email protected] by 5pm Friday to avoid delays on matchday.

You will be able to use your Season Card to gain entry to the match, purchase club merchandise at the pop up or shop or when buying a programme. Season Cards can be used to pay entry for multiple people so if attending with a friend or a child you’ll be able to pay their entry too.

There will be volunteers on hand to assist supporters with the app when entering the stadium on Saturday. As this is a major change from previous Season Tickets we expect people to take a bit longer as they learn how things work so please allow extra time if you have any questions.