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The City of Glasgow Cup

Sun, 7th Jul 2019 7:33pm

The club is pleased to confirm that Clyde will take part in a revamped City of Glasgow Cup during the 2019-20 season.

The Bully Wee last participated in the competition five seasons ago, when it was played at under-17 level. 

In the new format, Clyde will join fellow Glasgow FA members Partick Thistle, Queen's Park, Celtic Colts and Rangers Colts in the competition. It will be played on a league basis, with each team meeting each of its opponents twice (home and away), giving a total of eight league games per club during the campaign.

A final tie will then be contested by the top two teams in the group stage, taking place in April.

Two trialists will be allowed for each side in each match. The Celtic and Rangers Colt teams will be permitted to play a maximum of two over age players in any match; otherwise the qualifying players are at under-21 level. 

The fixture schedule is as follows:-

Week 1 (Tue 20th/Tue 27th/Wed 28th August)
Clyde v Celtic Colts
Rangers Colts v Partick Thistle

Week 2 (Tue 1st/Wed 2nd October)
Partick Thistle v Queens Park
Celtic Colts v Rangers Colts

Week 3 (Tue 29th/Wed 30th October)
Queens Park v Rangers Colts
Partick Thistle v Clyde

Week 4 (Tue 3rd/Wed 4th December)
Celtic Colts v Partick Thistle
Clyde v Queens Park

Week 5 (Tue 17th/Wed 18th December)
Rangers Colts v Clyde
Queens Park v Celtic Colts

Week 6 (Tue 21st/Wed 22nd January)
Celtic Colts v Clyde
Partick Thistle v Rangers Colts

Week 7 (Tue 4th/Wed 5th February)
Rangers Colts v Queens Park
Clyde v Partick Thistle

Week 8 (Tue 25th/Wed 26th February)
Partick Thistle v Celtic Colts
Queens Park v Clyde

Week 9 (Tue 3rd/Wed 4th March)
Queens Park v Partick Thistle
Rangers Colts v Celtic Colts

Week 10 (Tue 17th/Wed 18th March)
Clyde v Rangers Colts
Celtic Colts v Queens Park

Admission prices for the group matches will be £5 for adults and £3 for concessions.

The Bully Wee will start their campaign with a home match against Celtic Colts, scheduled for Tuesday 20th August at Broadwood with an 8.15pm kick-off.