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Grant Wins Website Player of the Year Award

Mon, 20th May 2019 6:56pm

With the season now over and all Man of the Match votes complete, Ray Grant has been named as Website Player of the Year for 2018-19.

Throughout the campaign, Clyde club owners have been voting for their top three performers in each match, with all the results counting towards the total points scored by each player. Grant, with 33 points, was the overall winner following a very close finish.

The top five players were:-

1. Ray Grant - 33 pts
=2. Barry Cuddihy - 32
=2. David Goodwillie - 32
=2. John Rankin - 32
5. Chris McStay - 31

To view the complete list, as well as all the other end of season facts and figures, visit the Statistics page.

Congratulations to Ray for his excellent season and he will be presented with the award at a later date.