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Arria Lounge Access on Saturday

Thu, 13th Dec 2018 6:36pm

Regular matchday visitors to the Arria Lounge at Broadwood should note that on Saturday the function suite will be used to stage the 1972-73 Legends Lunch event.

On that basis, and to comply with Licensing requirements, day entry to the lounge will be much reduced and strictly limited.

Additional access to the Arria Lounge for season ticket holders or club owners will be restricted to a maximum of 35 people and from 2pm only. Please note, anyone arriving before 2pm will be unable to gain entry and cannot be accommodated in the reception area.

Normal access arrangements for day 'walk ups' to the Arria will be in place, until the maximum of 35 entrants have been admitted. Thereafter, no other access will be permitted.