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Players Released

Wed, 2nd May 2018 9:28pm

The club can confirm that several players will not be offered new terms ahead of the 2018-19 season and have been released.

Jack Breslin, Matt Flynn, Callum Home, Steve Kipre, Jordan Lowdon, Smart Osadolor, Lewis Wilson and Max Wright were all informed of the decision last night.

Speaking to the official website, Clyde manager Danny Lennon said:-

"Things never stand still in football and I am looking to make changes for the season ahead. Several members of squad are being released, not because they are bad players, but because I want to set up a team and a squad that plays a certain way and that has certain qualities that suit my style of play.

"Unfortunately, you can’t keep everyone and you have to make room and funds available for new players to come in. It has been a tough decision, as all of the players have been a pleasure to work with.

"I would like to thank and wish each one of the players being released every success in the future."