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Club Statement - Business Agreement

Wed, 15th Apr 2009 6:30pm

The club is delighted to inform supporters that all threats of action have been lifted following a very frank but amicable meeting with Broadwood Stadium Company Ltd today.

The meeting produced an agreement, the details of which have been widely publicised this afternoon. The rent arrears will be reduced by £40,000 immediately and the remainder paid over the next 19 months.

This long and costly affair has come to an end in a very positive spirit, with all parties agreeing to work more closely in the future in the confident expectation that these events will not be repeated.

The club wishes to stress that the 'Back the Bully Wee' fundraising target has not changed. The amount required to be raised is still £140,000, but there is now time to tackle this over a realistic period. It remains absolutely essential that all the great work continues and, following Unity Day on Saturday, enough has been raised to meet the initial down payment; we then need to focus on attracting the balance.

The club would like to again express its thanks to everyone that has supported it in recent weeks, through donations, events and messages of support. These have all been very valuable and greatly appreciated.